The Brief: Vector from Despicable Me continues to show up in new popular meme formats from "you just got vectored" to "Hey" to Gru reading to "oh yeah" memes.


The villain from Despicable Me, Vector is the star of several popular meme formats including You Just Got Vectored and “hey” memes. In February 2020, he started appearing in several new meme formats on Reddit.

Gru Reading Next To Vector

This image macro format comes from the same clip as Vector “hey” memes in which Vector approaches Gru, who is reading a map of his plan to steal the moon. While Gru is waiting to apply for a loan, Vector brags about his plans and inventions. As Vector acts obnoxiously in this scene, these memes often label Vector as someone acting strangely and Gru as someone confused by their behavior.

He’s gonna do it from dankmemes

This meme shows the potential of the Gru reading image to serve a similar purpose as the distracted boyfriend format.

thank you youtube very nice from dankmemes

Jk, he doesn’t care from dankmemes

Oh Yeah

In the bank scene, Vector gets so excited that he improvises a dance and says his catchphrase “oh yeah.” This moment has been turned into a meme format representing celebration.

Get vectored from memes

Another Coronavirus meme:

Made with word from dankmemes

Oh Yeah! from meme

The Many Faces Of Vector

Vector’s range is depicted in the various meme formats he stars in. As long as Reddit users continue making Despicable Me memes, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing even more of Vector.

I’m in this picture and I don’t like it from dankmemes