The Brief: This meme format features a screenshot from Despicable Me of the villain Vector saying "hey" to illustrate someone or something popping up and killing the buzz.


Vector “hey” memes come from a clip in Despicable Me in which Vector gives an unsolicited introduction to Gru while they’re both waiting at the bank to apply for “villain loans.”

Voiced by Jason Segel, Vector (aka Victor Perkins) is the main antagonist and villain of Despicable Me. This is not the first time he’s starred in a popular meme format. He was also the inspiration for You Just Got Vectored memes, which were popular on Reddit in late 2019.

Vector’s “hey” is simultaneously enticing, ominous, and completely unasked for, paving the way for a meme format about someone or something appearing at an inconvenient time, often to cause trouble. This format is currently popular on Reddit, especially on the Dank Memes sub.

Hello my man
byu/mijuzz7 indankmemes

Good day gentlemen, I’m here to change the future
byu/mijuzz7 indankmemes

You Just Got Vectored
byu/Frosty-Firez indankmemes

Time to reflect
byu/bearsfan1323 indankmemes