The Brief: Internet users are celebrating Valentine's Day 2021 with various memes.


Valentine’s Day 2021 is almost here and we are unfortunately still in a panny thanks to Coronavirus. Internet users are sharing how they feel about spending the most romantic time of the year in the midst of a global health crisis with various memes.

Valentine’s Day, 2021 from trippinthroughtime

This special night for lovers is going to look a lot different for those who are forced to stay at home with their children.

Regardless, some have prepared digital Valentine’s Day cards.

And, holiday candy.

Another is asking for simple gifts:

While another is asking to hear a few special words.

Many plan to spend their day with Justin Bieber, sort of. The pop star is holding a special V-Day TikTok concert.

There are those who are going to be alone.

Yes you! from teenagers


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But not everyone is opposed to spending the day solo dolo.

But some singles still have time to find the one. It might help to share a few “perfect couple” stick figure memes on Twitter.

You might also want to try posting a few “perfect pairings” tweets via BF + GF memes on Twitter.

Happy love day!