The Brief: As mysterious metal monoliths have appeared in Utah and Romania, people are making memes about the meaning and origin of these objects.


Monolith memes abound after two similar metal monoliths have been found in Utah and Romania in the past several weeks. On November 18, a monolith that was approximately 11-feet tall was discovered in the remote desert in Utah. The origins of this metal slab remain unknown and it was removed by four anonymous men on the 27th. Also on the 27th, a Romanian newspaper reported that a similar monolith had been found on a plateau near the city of Piatra Neamt.

Regardless of the actual origin of these monoliths, people have speculated dozens of possible explanations for these appearances including that they’re art installations, extra-terrestrial artifacts, or marketing stunts. Memes about these monoliths remark at the strangeness of the monoliths’ appearances and poke fun at less-likely reasons that they’re popping up.

Monolith Memes

Everything seems to have stories these days, so why wouldn’t the monoliths?

In this day and age, people are wary of the likelihood that the monoliths are part of a PR campaign.

Or worse…

Brands have started sharing their takes on the meme:

There are also jokes about the multiple meanings of the word “monolith.”

Memes about these strange metal objects can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and beyond.

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