The Brief: People have been meming and mocking a  photo of police officers in East Texas posing in front of confiscated items including plastic bags, a bottle of water, and $70 in cash.


According to the Tehana, Texas local news, police officers arrested three people on felony drug charges and confiscated “marijuana, prescription pills, drug paraphernalia, packaging materials, guns, and cash” during the execution of a search warrant. A picture of police officers posing with the items from this drug bust shows them with serious faces and poses in front of an underwhelming set of items. Online, people have been dragging these officers for posing with this small haul. Many memes and parodies point to the plastic sandwich bags, the bottle of water, a mysterious gold ball that looks suspiciously like a Ferrero Rocher, and the evidently low quality marijuana, among other things in the photo.