The Brief: In the latest Twitter meme, people are using various emojis and text to show off the contents of their stomachs.


Similar to other Twitter-specific memes, like the Teacup Memes and Driving Memes, this meme uses a combination of emojis, symbols, and text to illustrate the literal and metaphorical contents of our stomachs.

As of late, people have been adding text and emojis into a stomach outline made from lines and slashes. Presumably, people are copying and pasting the stomach outline from other Tweets and then editing it to fit their own text/emojis inside. In most versions of the meme, people have included a series of “junk food” emojis to roast themselves and their unhealthy eating habits.

Some of the memes go beyond the literal food contents and have included feelings or less-tangible ideas.

These clever interpretations show off the pain, anxiety, and joy we feel that often feels like it’s coming from the center of our bodies.

Another popular rendition includes less-edible items in the stomach, such as toys or crayons that one might have swallowed as a child.

On the subject of children, the meme has also pivoted to pregnant belly memes, many of which have played with the stomach outline, including emojis instead of dashes and slashes.

This version of the meme also features some sort of emoji (or text) representation near the center, meant to signify the “baby”.