The Brief: These TikTok memes illustrate how life isn't always fair.


Tune Dodel Vide Vide TikTok meme videos show people getting dunked on by life.

The original video depicts an epic dance-off between Shrek and “ur mom” to “Tune Dodel Vide Vide.” The song featured in the video is actually called “Tourner Dans Le Vide” by Indila, which has been featured in hundreds of TikTok videos. However, this mislabeled version by TikTok user Young Wigger has inspired a separate stream of memes. The melodramatic tone of the song makes it the perfect background for scenarios that are devastating, but on a small scale.

Most variations of this format delve into more metaphorical subjects. These videos utilize the TikTok editing function that allows text to appear onscreen to label the different symbolic components. By labeling people dancing as various things and concepts, they can represent hardship and ill fate “dancing” while someone suffers as a result.

The dance moves performed are typically popular viral moves like “The Woah,” flossing, dabbing, and The Milly Rock.

Many of these memes illustrate relatable qualms that teenagers and young people are likely to face.

Tune Dodel Vide Vide TikTok Memes

School Struggles:



A callout of street harassment:

On TikTok comments:


On gingers: people with red hair and freckles.

A Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory meme:

When puberty hits: