The Brief: Tumbleweed Keanu Spongebob memes feature stills from the upcoming Spongebob movie, Sponge on the Run, in which Keanu Reeves plays a tumbleweed spirit guide.


Name a better meme duo than Keanu Reeves and Spongebob, I’ll wait. In one of the most ambitious crossovers the meme world has ever seen, Keanu appears as a mystic tumbleweed in the trailer for the new Spongebob movie. In the meme-ified scene, which you can watch below, Patrick claims his name means toaster in Keltic, to which Keanu replies: “Pretty sure it doesn’t.”

Sage Keanu Reeves from KeanuBeingAwesome

That moment when you realize Keanu was born in 1964 and is technically a boomer 😱.

Listen to Keanu from dankmemes

Similar to those who aren’t vaccinated, anti-vax memes never get old:

Thank you Keanu from dankmemes

Keanu Reeves and Spongebob are two of the biggest forces in Memes, Combine the two and you get an unstoppable juggernaut of Profits! from MemeEconomy

Keanu Reevus from dankmemes

Never expected it to be Keanu Reeves from dankmemes

He has grown from memes

Based Keanu from dankmemes

He is actually a tumbleweed in the new Spongebob movie, this isn’t photoshopped from memes

Tumbleweed Keanu memes tackle the controversial “Ok” symbol:

Epic keanu format from dankmemes

That’s more people than my friends from dankmemes

Keanu Reeves in SpongeBob movie from PewdiepieSubmissions

A street lamp shining on bench meme dunking on the updated Sonic the Hedgehog movie:

CAN’ T WAIT from KeanuBeingAwesome

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