The Brief: Tumbleweed Keanu Spongebob memes feature stills from the upcoming Spongebob movie, Sponge on the Run, in which Keanu Reeves plays a tumbleweed spirit guide.


Name a better meme duo than Keanu Reeves and Spongebob, I’ll wait. In one of the most ambitious crossovers the meme world has ever seen, Keanu appears as a mystic tumbleweed in the trailer for the new Spongebob movie. In the meme-ified scene, which you can watch below, Patrick claims his name means toaster in Keltic, to which Keanu replies: “Pretty sure it doesn’t.”

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That moment when you realize Keanu was born in 1964 and is technically a boomer 😱.

Listen to Keanu
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Similar to those who aren’t vaccinated, anti-vax memes never get old:

Thank you Keanu
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Keanu Reeves and Spongebob are two of the biggest forces in Memes, Combine the two and you get an unstoppable juggernaut of Profits!
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Keanu Reevus
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Never expected it to be Keanu Reeves
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He has grown
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Based Keanu
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Tumbleweed Keanu memes tackle the controversial “Ok” symbol:

Epic keanu format
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That’s more people than my friends
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Keanu Reeves in SpongeBob movie
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A street lamp shining on bench meme dunking on the updated Sonic the Hedgehog movie:

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