The Brief: Social media users are speculating about the contents of a note left by former President Donald Trump to his successor President Joe Biden in "Dear Joe" memes.


News that former President Donald Trump left a note for President Joe Biden in the White House prior to his inauguration inspired a surge of memes about what the note might contain. Many of these “Dear Joe” memes and tweets feature famous letters in meme history and notes that look like they were written by a child.

There’s also some speculation that Trump asked to be pardoned by the new president.

Once again, a joke from The Simpsons isn’t too far from reality…

Several allusions have been made to Eminem’s “Stan” letters.

Another popular joke in these memes is that Trump left a petty and mean message for Biden.

Other people are sharing “Dear Joe” memes with their own notes for the new president.

Although the contents of Trump’s actual note remain unknown and may never be revealed to the public, these memes show how people are having a laugh imagining what he might have written.