The Brief: Donald Trump sharpie or #Sharpiegate memes make fun of the president's apparent drawing on of an image of Hurricane Dorian's path with a Sharpie pen to corroborate his false claims.


Trump Sharpie cover-up memes parody the series of events that led to Donald Trump using an apparently doctored image to prove that he was correct in his claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.

Hurricane Dorian, a category 2 storm, is heading up the Atlantic coast of the United States, after it hit the Bahamas, causing massive destruction there and killing at least 20 people.

On September 1st, Trump tweeted a warning that Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama “will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated” by Hurricane Dorian.

Soon after, the National Weather Service of Birmingham Alabama, as well as many others corrected Trump’s claim, clarifying that the storm was not projected to hit the state and that Alabama need not prepare for its impacts.

President Trump doubled down on his claim, clarifying that he was referring to previous weather data that predicted that the hurricane would indeed hit Alabama. He went as far as pointing to a map of such a projection. However, the map he pointed to appears to have been doctored with a marker to add Alabama to the storm’s path. As Sharpie pens are one of Trump’s signature accessories, many have speculated that Trump himself drew on the map. He repeatedly insisted that he was correct in his claims, blaming the “fake news media” for criticizing him.

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Memes and tweets about this event add Sharpied drawings to photos to dunk on Trump for his previous lies and embellishments, while also poking fun at his insecurities.

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