The Brief: These memes play on the word im-peach-ment to suggest that Donald Trump has been placed into a peach by the House of Representatives.


Is Donald Trump in a peach? These memes investigate…

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives, leading to a flurry of hilarious impeachment memes from both sides of the aisle.

While Democrats celebrate the president’s long-awaited impeachment and Republicans condemn the vote, Trump is in a peach memes confront the pressing logistical question of how he would physically fit inside of a peach. The etymology of the word “impeach” has nothing to do with the fruit, but these memes poke fun of its resemblance to the phrase “in a peach.”

Trumps inpeachment from dankmemes

What does in peach mean? from dankmemes

Peach is scary from memes

Vector strikes again:

in peach from dankmemes

Trump has been put in a peach!!! from dankmemes

Silly. He can’t be put in a peach. from memes

An ambitious Baby yoda, Bane vs. Joji, and Trump is in a peach meme:

Donald and the giant peach from dankmemes

Stoic Mike Wazowski isn’t playing around:

In A Peach from memes

Made by resignation gang:


Bill Clinton and Donald Trump commiserate in this Predator handshake in-a-peachment meme:

No, not the peach! from dankmemes

It’s a scary time to be a European peach lover:

orange peach from dankmemes

Trump’s been impeached from dankmemes

He’s probably getting Ivanka’s peach right now from dankmemes

🍑 Asking for a friend 🍑

Yummy peaches 🍑 from dankmemes

What if we vibedhaha…just kidding…unless…

Who wants to vibe in a peach with me from memes

So tired of fake news 😤

This is fake news they DID NOT PUT HIM INSIDE OF A PEACH from teenagers

Shoutout my dude James:

Why they putting this dude in a peach tho from memes

Did Roald Dahl predict this?

So much peach hype from memes

Some Reddit users are over the endless Trump is in a peach memes:

Do something funny with the impeachment not the peach joke from months ago from memes

Woman yelling at cat meme except instead of a cat its a peach:

Trump in peach from dankmemes

The perfect response to being called orange man:

Best Trump meme I’ve seen from The_Mueller

Trump in a peach has reached his final form: