The Brief: As shoppers stock up at the grocery store to prepare for Coronavirus quarantines and social distancing, stores have been selling out of toilet paper, causing widespread shortages and inspiring toilet paper hoarding memes.


Toilet paper memes joke about the absurdity of people hoarding bathroom tissue, of all things, during a pandemic. Toilet paper shortages have become widespread in the United States as consumers stockpile TP along with items including hand sanitizer, surgical masks, latex gloves, and food.

This specific form of panic buying points to shoppers preparing for lengthy Coronavirus quarantines. Unfortunately, this has made toilet paper harder to access for everyone, whether they’re hoarding supplies themselves, or just happened to run out at an inconvenient time.

Although there have been widespread reports of toilet paper selling out of stores, the supply chain remains generally uninterrupted and retailers continue to restock. The #PanicBuying that has occurred may be a result of misinformation spreading, or a chain reaction caused after a few people started stocking up and others following suit to avoid running out during a potential shortage. Toilet paper memes make fun of consumers who collectively caused a shortage by buying mass amounts of something that won’t actually help them if they’re infected with COVID-19.

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Toilet paper hoarding, but make it fashion:

Some Millennials and Gen Zers have been blaming Boomers for these shortages:

A Monsters Inc. Stoic face toilet paper meme:

Cannot we all just die? from dankmemes

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Mind size mega: 

why of all things toilet paper? from dankmemes

RIP my butt from dankmemes

Here ya go fellas. Yet anther toilet paper meme from memes

If anyone has toilet paper for sale hmu from dankmemes

That’s how we won. from CoronavirusMemes

An Avengers Endgame meme:

Toilet paper hoarders next month from dankmemes