The Brief: Images of Timothée Chalamet making out with Lily-Rose Depp have inspired a number of Chalamet/Depp related memes.


Photos of Timothée Chalamet Lily-Rose Depp making out on Capri Island in Italy have been turned into an exploitable meme format. Chalamet and Depp were in Italy for the Venice Film Festival premiere of the Netflix film The King, in which they play leading roles. In the photos, Timothée and Lily-Rose are on the edge of a boat, embracing and kissing. In one photo, Chalamet’s hat appears to be falling off, in another, he is gripping the boat’s railing with both hands.

Many fans of the two celebrities have taken to social media to ship these two heartthrobs. The paparazzi image of this kiss has become a meme format in which Chalamet and Depp are labeled to represent two people or things who are in love with or at least infatuated with each other. Some memes label other objects as well including Chalamet’s hat or his strange grip on the boat.

Some people have noted the distinct awkwardness of the couple’s positioning in these photos.

This isn’t the only kissing-related Timothèe Chalamet meme that’s been going around lately. A video of Chalamet apparently giving an adoring a fan a kiss on the cheek has many stans jealous.

For anyone wondering how to pronounce “Chalamet”…