The Brief: This Halloween, TikTok is featuring numerous spooky hashtags and memes, including both sponsored and more organically arising content.


TikTok is celebrating Halloween through a variety of festivities, memes, challenges, hashtags, and sponsored trends. We’ve broken down some of the top Halloween hashtags and how they function within the game-changing app.

Most of the following ten hashtags and trends were featured on TikTok’s U.S. Discover page leading up to Halloween. While there’s no way to tell which posts arose out of spontaneous meme-making versus planned promotions by TikTok, sponsored posts and hashtags are labeled as such.


Leading up to Halloweekend, TikTok creators may have included the hashtag #Halloweekend in their videos. This free-form hashtag has inspired a variety of Halloween-themed content and over 1.1 billion views. By using this hashtag in a video, a TikToker has the opportunity to earn “TikTok points,” which they can use for discounts from associated brands and stores.


The hashtag #BestCostume is a place for people to showcase their best Halloween costumes and costume ideas. This trend has a looser concept than TikTtok hashtags that are based on a sponsorship or specific meme format and have manifested into a wide variety of content. At the time of writing, videos associated with #BestCostume have been viewed over 698 million times.


With this hashtag, TikTokers have the opportunity to reminisce about their vampire-obsessed tween years. Videos tagged with #TeamVampire have been viewed over 614 million times.


Sponsored by Chipotle, the hashtag #Boorito is meant to raise awareness about an October 31st promotion in which Chipotle will be charging only $4 for burritos to anyone who shows up in costume after 3 pm on Halloween. Set to a Halloween-themed song specially remixed for this hashtag, several top TikTok influencers including the Kombucha Girl herself have created sponsored videos for #Boorito. So far, videos related to this hashtag have received over 580 million views.


Everyone loves pets in costumes. Posts associated with the hashtag #LittleMonsters have been viewed over 402 million times. While there’s no specific format for these videos, the top results show pets in cute Halloween costumes.


One of many of TikTok’s Halloween effects imposes a skeleton figure over one’s body while they dance. The hashtag #SkeletonMoves encourages people to show off their dance moves with this effect. Videos related to this hashtag have been viewed over 184 million times.


Another broad hashtag, #HappyHalloween has no specific prompt. So far, videos marked with the hashtag have been viewed over 119 million times.


This overarching hashtag represents all things related to Spooktober. Videos associated with #Spooktober have been viewed over 41 million times.


Fruit By The Foot inspired this hashtag which invites TikTokers to create Halloween costumes out of Fruit By The Foot and related GIFs. The top videos for this trend were created by TikTok influencers and are labeled as ads. They are soundtracked to a song that was uploaded by Fruit By The Foot. As with many TikTok trends, many people use the hashtag for completely unrelated videos in hopes of getting attention for using a sponsored and potentially popular hashtag. So far, videos associated with this hashtag have received over 21 million views.


Another sponsored hashtag, #TooSickToBeSick has inspired a number of Halloween-themed videos about overcoming a cold and being able to celebrate Halloween. These Mucinex-sponsored videos invite creators to show off their transformations from “sick” as in ill to “sick” as in awesome. #TooSickToBeSick videos are set to a spooky tune uploaded by Mucinex and include top videos created by influencers. So far, videos related to this hashtag have been viewed over 11 million times.

While the ways that TikTok trends emerge and the metrics that the app uses are not always clear, it’s certain that TikTokers, brands, and the app itself have been celebrating Halloween through a range of jokes, memes, dances, costumes, makeup looks, challenges, trends, and more.