The Brief: Teens are responding to news about illnesses and deaths linked to vaping with the TikTok hashtag #StopJuuling.


Six deaths have and 450 cases of lung disease have been linked to the use of nicotine and THC vaping products, causing the American Medical Association to urge people to avoid using electronic cigarettes until more information is known. It’s no secret that these portable vaping devices are popular among teenagers. On the Gen Z dominated platform TikTok, teens are sharing their opinions, jokes, memes and quitting stories under the hashtag #StopJuuling.

Quitting Stories

Young vapers and former ones are sharing about their decision to quit. Many videos depict the destruction of Juuls and other vaping devices as a symbol of their commitment to quitting.

The ‘Dangers’ Of Juuling

While some teenagers issue serious warnings about the potential health hazards of vaping, others have taken this as an opportunity to parody the panic about Juuling.


On TikTok and beyond, teens are employing a variety of methods to encourage their peers to break their nicotine addictions and avoid the potential health risks associated with vape and Juul use. These videos include humor, serious warnings, and messages of support.

One popular dark comedy video format lays out a scenario in which history teachers in the year 3019 recount how in “2019 all the teenagers died.”

At the time of writing, the hashtag #StopJuuling has received over 10 million views on TikTok.