The Brief: "TikTok Bad. Reddit Good." memes repeat animosity towards TikTok from Reddit users who find it to be cringey.


Reddit users often consider themselves to be out of the mainstream, the opposite of normies. Reddit Good/TikTok Bad memes emphasize this distinction, dragging TikTok for being a normie-ridden cringe incubator and praising Reddit as a superior platform.

These memes often overlap with the sentiments expressed in Reddit users’ reactions to the Fortnite TikTok collaboration: Emote Royale. Memes making fun of TikTok are based largely on Reddit users’ platform loyalty, favoring a social media site based on anonymous posts and memes rather than silly dance videos and hyper-viral trends.

An UNO Draw 25 meme:

byu/Wise_Pick inmemes

A reference to the popularity of Hit Or Miss on TikTok, which was roasted on Reddit:

TikTok bad Reddit good
byu/CrissCrossRoBeats inmemes

Sad noises
by indankmemes

An Avengers reference suggesting that TikTok “is cancer:”

Cancer cells
by indankmemes

Less fire than i t…
by inmemes

Reddit good tiktok bad
byu/madmilkaddicted indankmemes

There is not a single parallel universe where TikTok is better.
by indankmemes

What would you answer?
byu/VekerVenist indankmemes