The Brief: This new TikTok challenge has people sliding backward to the song "Reverse" by Vic Mensa.


The Throw It In Reverse TikTok Challenge is commonly hashtagged with #ReverseChallenge or #Reverse. Videos related to these hashtags have received hundreds of millions of views.

This straightforward challenge shows someone sliding backward on the floor to the song “Reverse” by Vic Mensa, featuring G-Eazy. For the first part of the video, people may be doing ordinary things and/or pretending they’re in a car. When Mensa sings “Turn around and throw it in reverse,” they slide backward. In some iterations of the meme, the person is sitting on the floor, pretending they are driving a car. Other versions show people standing up before they slide backward.

The full lyrics included in the clip are:

“Aston Martin, push-button motor (Yeah)
Migos on the ice (Yeah), anti-sober
Go, oh, oh, don’t get hurt
Turn around and throw it in reverse (Whoop)
Let me see how you work
You boys smokin’ dirt (On Gelato), we smokin’ Larry Bird
Saint Laurent straitjacket, go berserk
Turn around and throw it in reverse”

One way to do the Throw It In Reverse challenge is to slide with socks on a hard surface and then to play the video in reverse so that it appears that you’re sliding backward instead of forwards. As with the Microwave Challenge, there is more than one way to complete the #ReverseChallenge and TikTok-ers tend to get creative with it.

Turn Around And Throw It In Reverse