The Brief: A scene from an episode of Pawn Stars where a character says "those bastards lied to me" has inspired a popular meme.


Those bastards lied to me -Old Man

This image macro meme comes from an episode of the TV show Pawn Stars in which Richard “Old Man” Harrison says the line “those bastards lied to me.”On Pawn Stars, Old Man is known for his dry humor and sometimes intentional funniness, as well as his sometimes nonsensical sayings. Variations of this meme have proliferated on Reddit, sometimes with the image photoshopped or with changes made to the text. It’s used to express anger and/or disappointment after realizing that you’ve been lied to. Beyond the image macro, the saying has also become a popular way to react to being lied to.

that was a fucking lie from r/dankmemes

not again from r/memes

So that was a fucking lie from r/memes

Big if true. from r/dankmemes

RISE UP! from r/dankmemes

“Those Bastards Lied To Me” vs. “So That Was A Fucking Lie”

This format serves the same purpose as the Tyler, The Creator “So that was a fucking lie” memes, leading to many references to their similarities and meta-memes. While the Tyler, The Creator meme came first, this version has been rising in popularity.

took a lot of effort with the 3D I need love from r/memes