The Brief: Thomas The Tank Engine memes use an angry-looking image of a beloved personified train to express shock and outrage.


Angry Thomas The Tank Engine memes are particularly popular on Reddit where people are pairing them with the caption “Thomas had never seen such B.S. before.” The caption is imposed on the text to make it look like a subtitle from a Thomas The Tank Engine movie, but of course, that line is fictitious.

Redditors are using this Thomas The Tank Engine meme format to express their dismay towards various things that they disagree with or find offensive. Many popular iterations of these memes involve situations in which teachers do something that seems unfair to their students.

Frustrated to this day from dankmemes

"hAvInG a DoG iS aNtIhuMaN" from dankmemes

All that for practice round from dankmemes

We are already behind schedule. from memes

How could you do this to us thomas? from memes

Not again from teenagers

Wow… just wow from Noearthsociety