The Brief: The "this user has hidden tweets from" meme format calls out certain groups and individuals on Twitter.


At first glance, it might look like a new Twitter feature, but “this user has hidden tweets from” tweets are actually just a new meme. By posting “This user has hidden tweets from ____. Learn More,” people are joking that they’re hiding their tweets from certain groups or individuals.

Sometimes, these memes suggest that someone must not be a member of the group that the tweets are “hidden” from to see the tweet. In other cases, the idea is that members of that group see the tweet as a notification that they can’t see more tweets from the user who posted it. Either way, it’s all made-up as Twitter doesn’t actually have a feature allowing users to hide tweets from some people other than by making their account private.

The “learn more” is underlined, making it look semi-official, but this effect can be achieved by copy/pasting the underlined phrase from another tweet or by using an outside text editor.

“This user has hidden tweets from” memes are often used in good fun, to make fun of groups of people, but they can also have a harsher effect when they call people out in a targeted manner that feels more like bullying.