The Brief: This is a meme format that criticizes something and then says that the post was made or sponsored by that thing's opposition or enemy.


This meme format mimics attack ads by saying something against a certain subject with a disclaimer on the side that says something along the lines of “this post was made by ____” or “this post was sponsored by ____ gang.” The idea is that the meme is an attack on something or someone made by its opponent. Many of these memes involve light jokes, while others get more political.

you know i had to doot it to em from r/dankmemes

Look at this loser from r/dankmemes

Sponsored by paper book gang from r/dankmemes

me🚦irl from r/me_irl

Me🌱irl from r/me_irl

me irl from r/me_irl

Me🍊irl from r/me_irl