The Brief: On social media, some people have been lusting after...The Grinch.


In some viral NSFW tweets, people have been commenting on the Grinch’s thiccness and hotness. Although an animated The Grinch film is currently in theaters, many of these tweets refer to the 2000 live-action Jim Carrey film How The Grinch Stole Christmas. New York Magazine’s The Cut delved into an analysis of why people find the thicc Grinch to be sexy. Reasons include his voluptuous figure, grouchiness, love for his dog, super strength, anti-capitalist ideology, and the ability of his heart to grow three sizes. Some people have suggested that Mr. Grinch exudes BDE.

A video of an internet prankster and comedian @famousamos_sofunny stopping traffic while dancing dressed as The Grinch went viral in the wake of all this Grinch-related buzz.