The Brief: People are sharing remixes of the "we did it Joe" video/meme featuring Vice President Kamala Harris to pressure the Biden Administration to follow up on its campaign promises.


Memes featuring Vice President Kamala Harris saying “they’re asking for ____, Joe” started gaining popularity after the Biden/Harris inauguration. Taken from the well-known and widely-memed “we did it Joe, you’re going to be the next president of the United States” video, this new meme aims to hold the Biden Administration to its campaign promises and pressure President Joe Biden to take action during his presidency.

Many iterations of these memes directly reference campaign promises while others challenge the new administration to champion other policies. Although the original “we did it Joe” video showed Harris’s celebratory reaction to winning the election, “they’re asking, Joe” memes suggest that she is beginning to feel pressure from Americans asking for accountability and action from the new administration.

On Vice President Harris’s reputation as Copmala for her former position as Attorney General or “top cop” of California: