The Brief: Footage of a surgical procedure being performed on a single grape is a meme causing many people to proclaim "they did surgery on a grape."


They Did Surgery On A Grape

Advertisement videos for da Vinci surgical instruments show robotic medical tools making incisions on a grape, peeling its skin off, and then suturing it back together. The original purpose of the video was to demonstrate the precision of these instruments. Upon watching the video, many viewers were baffled and amused to see such valuable equipment used on an inanimate piece of fruit. The response “they did surgery on a grape” went viral, announcing that this had happened, without actually explaining it.

Grape Memes

The proliferation of this meme is a prime example of something going viral for its randomness and absurdity. As people repeated the phrase “they did surgery on a grape” again and again, it became a meme. Some variations on the meme feature creative jokes about doctors performing actual surgery on a grape, while others just announce that the surgery occurred.