The Brief: "We are not the same" memes play with the concept of competing for a crush's attention.


Popular on Twitter, “we are not the same” memes consist of self-drags and actual roasts between people competing for romantic partners. The general script of this meme goes “you’re in their DM’s, I’m ______. We are not the same.” The premise of this is that while one person is sliding into their crush’s DM’s, the other is much closer to them.

While it’s based on a serious insult the most popular iterations of this meme involve jokes about unhealthy attachment styles, hyper-intense crushes, and stalking. This meme format has also served as a template for allusions to literature, film, music, and more from Phantom Of The Opera to The Great Gatsby to Parasite.

A Spotify wrapped meme from Kehlani:

Watch out for those sleep paralysis demons…

Variations of these memes diverge from the romantic competition genre to other insults and comparisons.

Reminiscent of the “some of y’all have never…and it shows” Twitter memes, “we’re not the same” memes include callouts, bragging, and bizarre humor.