The Brief: These memes double as PSA's to remind people to wear face masks when in public to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


The CDC recommends that people wear cloth face masks or coverings when in public and when they’re with people from outside their household, especially when it’s not possible to practice social distancing. Scientific evidence shows that masks can play an important role in reducing the spread of COVID-19. The following face mask memes serve as reminders to wear a face mask during this global pandemic.

Reese Witherspoon reposted this Legally Blonde-inspired face mask meme on Instagram. Of course, Elle Woods’ mask is pink.

Anne Hathaway reposted this spot-on Devil Wears Prada meme earlier in the month. Très chic. 

For those who are still struggling to figure out how to effectively wear their masks, here are a few examples of what not to do…

Many fandoms are adding their own spin to these Coronavirus face mask memes/PSA’s.

A Skyrim reference:

Twitter teased an edit button with this tantalizing tweet:

Best needlepoint I’ve ever seen
byu/khc9941 infunny

Donald Trump Jr. shared an anti-mask meme, but public opinion, science, kindness, and the law all say “wear a face mask.”