The Brief: Attract good vibes this Sag season and drag your Sagittarian friends with these Sagittarius memes.


Move over Scorpio season and Mercury retrograde, Sagittarius season 2019 runs from November 22 through December 22 and the Sagittarius memes are here to usher it in. As the calendar year comes to a close, Sagittarius SZN is just revving up. Bask in the freedom, clarity, and opportunity of this season by making room for adventure and spontaneity. Welcome this astrological shift and all it has to offer with these 2019 Sagittarius memes.

As you read-up on your Co-Star, The Pattern, and Sanctuary apps, check out Spotify’s Sagittarius playlist curated by Chani Nicholas for Sag-specific bops!

Sagittarius sun signs are known for their intensity, optimism, independence, and tenacity. Sag is a fire sign symbolized by an archer and ruled by Jupiter. Celebrity Sagittarians include Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Katherine Heigel, DJ Khaled, Tina Turner, Mark Ruffalo, and Scarlett Johansson.

While Sagittarius memes often dunk on Saggies for their stubbornness, capriciousness, bluntness, and self-aggrandizement, they also admire the unique qualities of this bold, spontaneous, and ultra-fun fire sign.

Sagittarius SZN = Lizzo’s Tiny Purse SZN

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I mean I’m not lying… 🤥

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what sign cares the most about their birthday?

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When it comes to dating and relationships, Sagittarians are known for their ever-changing feelings, tendency to tease, and unpredictability.


While Instagram is the best-known source of astrology memes, TikTok is proving to be a budding source of original and whimsical astrology-related content as seen in these #Sagittarius meme videos.

Happy Birthday to all you wonderful Sagittarians out there and may your Sag season be full of fun, knowledge-seeking, positivity, and Sagittarius memes that totally slap!