The Brief: These memes depicting a fictional conversation between a Therapist and their client comically emphasize people's poor decision-making skills.


In these relatable memes, most often found on Twitter due to the text-format, people disappoint their therapists with bad decision-making.

The meme depicts a realistic conversation between two people, the Therapist and Client (often represented as “Me”). The Therapist begins a conversation with a question like, “What do we do when…?” or “What do we say when…?” to which the Client often responds with an inappropriate or nonsensical solution.

The format is similar to Nobody: Me: memes, only Nobody has been replaced by the Therapist. The meme often concludes with the Therapist telling the other person, “No,” implying that the answer to their question of what to do or say, was a bad one.

People often use these memes to roast themselves for the poor choices they make.

Talk about a #Throwback Britney Spears reference:

Apparently Sco Pa Tu Manaa isn’t always the answer:

It seems sometimes, people DO have the right answer.

While in most versions, the Client character is “Me”, aka the person creating the meme, in other iterations, the response comes from a specifically named person or persons.

For example, this Reddit meme featuring Karen and her husband, most likely named Kyle:

[deleted by user]
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When Patrick interrupts SpongeBob’s therapy session:

In alternative versions of the meme, the Client character answers the Therapist’s question via GIF or image rather than text.

For #SwiftNation:

But why
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