The Brief: Pregame for Super Bowl LIV with memes about everything from the actual game to the snacks to the victory dances to the commercials and more.


On Sunday, February 2nd, the 54th Super Bowl will take place between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Florida. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be co-headlining the Pepsi halftime show and previews of star-studded commercials are starting to drop online. Whether you’ll be watching for the game, for the halftime show, for the snacks, for the commercials, or just for the memes, we’ve rounded up the best memes to pregame Super Bowl LIV.

49ers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl 2020 Memes

For those non-commital fans:

Where’s the lie?

Bane and pink guy face-off:

It’s hard to talk about the Super Bowl with at least some mention of the New England Patriots

This Elizabeth Warren/Tom Steyer/Bernie Sanders meme references the “NFL” hat Rob Lowe wore to the 49ers vs. Packers playoff game:

He just wants a good game with no injuries from nflmemes

The Trojan Meme War from 49ers

This Spiderman Doppëlganger meme references the two teams’ similar uniform color scheme.

This is gonna be a confusing Superbowl. from KansasCityChiefs

Halftime, Snacks, Commercials & Memes

The Super Bowl is about more than just sports. While the main spectacle will be broadcast on FOX, social media platforms will also be filled with Super Bowl-related discourse, comedic takes, replays, and more. Epic memes of Super Bowls past include Katy Perry’s Left Shark, Lady Gaga’s descent from above, the Super Bowl Selfie Kid, and others. The top Super Bowl 2020 memes may come from ads, fan-antics, the halftime show, the game itself, or from Super Bowl-related viral posts like last year’s I made queso meme.

TikTok has already started getting in the Super Bowl spirit with two hashtag-based dance challenges. #TouchDownCelebrations is a challenge promoted by the NFL inviting users to show off their best touchdown celebration dances.

@nflMatt Judon’s got the moves. 😎 Show us your best #TouchdownCelebration and we’ll comment on our favorite ones! #nfl #superbowlLIV ravens #football♬ GUD VIBRATIONS – NGHTMRE & SLANDER

@katiefeeneyyif we played in the nfl this would be our #touchdowncelebration dance!!🏈 what team are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? #nflshop dallascowboys♬ All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled / Ric

J-Lo started the #Jlosuperbowlchallenge, inviting TikTokers to post their own versions of a dance she uploaded to TikTok in footage of her preparation for the halftime show.

@jlo#JLoSuperBowlChallenge #JLo #Challenge #SuperBowlLIV Take on the challenge and dance to On The Floor with me!!! I’ll reshare some of my favs! nfl♬ original sound – jlo

@ezmeemagana#jlosuperbowlchallenge paradiisedd urfavkidjames prettyluhhazell mathhhhhew aviavalossss sfwcesar hectorusrex anabellesanchez _angelinaaa♬ original sound – ezmeemagana

Charli D’Amelio is set to star in a commercial for Sabra with retired NFL player Boomer Esiason. Yes, there will be an Ok Boomer joke.

Also on TikTok, popular creators will be posting Chipotle-sponsored videos during every timeout set to Justin Bieber’s new single “Yummy” with the hashtag #TikTokTimeout.

A Rick And Morty and Pringles mashup commercial has already sparked a popular meme format, but most iterations of this meme erase the Pringles logo from the image macro.

Congratulations! You just played yourself from rickandmorty

For those of us that are just in it for the food:

Super Bowl snack stadium

SpongeBob fans have not forgotten the much-anticipated but ultimately disappointing Sweet Victory reference in last year’s halftime performance:

*sad sweet victory noises* from memes

And, last but not least, if you’re more of a bird-watching fan than a football fan, be sure to check out this subreddit for Superb Owl Sunday.