The Brief: These memes suggest that the 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is immortal and invincible against Coronavirus.


In the opposite vein of 2019 memes predicting Queen Elizabeth’s death, Redditors are now calling her invincible and immortal as those around her test positive for Coronavirus. According to a March 27 report from Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II last saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 11 and she remains in “good health.” 93-year-old Queen of England’s healthy status is welcome, but potentially surprising news as both Boris Johnson and her son Prince Charles have recently tested positive for COVID-19.

This chain of events has inspired meme-makers to comment on the queen’s health and longevity, sometimes suggesting that she is immune to death, or that she’s been alive forever. Many of these memes portray Queen Elizabeth as a god-like entity who cannot be defeated by the forces of nature. Others crack jokes about her being “ancient” or “as old as Big Ben.”

The Queen Immortal & Invincible Memes

Is it possible to learn this power?
byu/FossilizedIntuition indankmemes

by indankmemes

Since when does this woman actually live?
byu/mistermuesli indankmemes

Remind me in a billion years when this finally happens
by indankmemes

You can’t kill me
byu/mijuzz7 indankmemes

Queen Elizabeth vs. Coronavirus Memes

In the wake of a global pandemic, these Queen Elizabeth vs. Coronavirus memes provide comic relief by hyperbolically representing this monarch’s already impressive strength.

Immortal Queen Strikes Back.
byu/ArjunK2111 indankmemes

A Rango “I tip my hat to you, one legend to another” meme:

The Immortals
byu/BeanbagHamburger indankmemes