The Brief: Twitter users are sharing memes of four cropped images that show Pope Francis holding random objects.


Memes of Pope Francis holding various objects originated from a to 2013 photo of the Pope holding a Eucharist wafer during communion. This picture provided an opportunity for people to photoshop different things into his hands, making it look like the Pope was holding them up as if they were holy. These memes spread across various social media platforms over the years and in October 2020, they had a moment on Twitter.

These Twitter memes of Pope Francis holding stuff include three cropped photos of the Pope and the fourth photo of an object, arranged so that he appears to be holding it. Things that have been inserted into the Pope’s hands include a joint, Simba the lion cub, Yeezus, and an Uno card.

This tweet adds an extra twist so that Pope Francis is upside down and giving a monkey a haircut.