The Brief: Memes about The Lion King trailer have been going viral on Twitter and across the web.


People responded to the trailer for Disney’s upcoming The Lion King “live action” remake with memes and tweets. The movie, which will be released on July 19 of this year, has a star-studded cast including Beyonce, Donald Glover, and James Earl Jones.
Official Trailer

Comments sections reveal that some people are still confused as to whether the lions are real or CGI. Just to clarify, they’re computer animated.

Many memes riff on the hype around Beyonce’s role in the film as the voice of Nala.

Their remains significant debate about what a “live action” Lion King should entail, especially after the popularity of the live Broadway version of the musical.

Warning, this video is very cute and contains spoilers (if you haven’t seen the original Lion King or read Hamlet).

Some fans have expressed their disappointment in how mangy Scar looks in the remake, lamenting that he is not as handsome (or sexy, apparently) than Scar was in the original film.