The Brief: "The Influencer, The Influenced" Twitter memes see users sharing their takes on which entertainers they think are trendsetters and those who are following in their footsteps.


With the rise of social media, many individuals with big followings are known as influencers. In theory, they have the ability to shape and shift culture. Well before social media, entertainers and celebrities were the original influencers. As of recent, Twitter users are sharing their takes on which entertainers they think are arbiters of culture and those who are merely copying the blueprint.  These tweets typically consist of two photos side-by-side or one photo next to a collage.

Many named the Black community as “the influencer” due to the community’ contributions throughout history.

Many tweets specifically highlighted Black musicians, like Michael and Janet Jackson.




Another proposed this movie soundtrack changed the industry as a whole.

Some also identified various regions of the world:

Style and beauty:


Other takes: