The Brief: "The Impostor" memes from the game Among Us joke about the Mafia-style game and the concept of impostors in everyday life.


Impostor memes from Among Us convey the experience of trying to find the impostor, being falsely accused of being the impostor, and inadvertently letting impostors run free after voting out innocent crewmates. As memes from the game Among Us are growing in popularity on Reddit with formats about “emergency meetings” and “dead bodies reported” going viral, another common theme in these memes relates to the general premise of the game: voting for an impostor of the group.

Among Us is based on the party game Mafia where players vote on who they think is an infiltrator in their group. In this case, the infiltrator, who may be sabotaging the group, is known as “the impostor.” Like in the game Mafia, players may get caught up with hysteria and accuse productive crewmates of being impostors.

These memes also work with the more general concept of “impostors,” making jokes about people who enter places they’re not welcome or who assume false identities. Impostor memes are popular on the Dank Memes subreddit and on r/AmongUs, which has grown to over 167,000 members.

Among Us Impostor Memes

Stoic Mike Wazowski vs. Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained:

MS Paint Gang AUOH
byu/Titan_Fortnite indankmemes

A crying cat meme:

“Pink looks sus”
byu/Froyo-In-A-Cup indankmemes

Just happened a few games ago
byu/lord_z9 indankmemes

Just because I said something DOESNT MEAN IM THE IMPOSTER
byu/wingsfield inAmongUs

One of these dogs is not like the others…

I hate my own memes
byu/DanKrug2 indankmemes

On the politics of Reddit posting:

Now it works
by indankmemes

Wheels on a shopping cart be like…

shopping cart be like…
byu/DaReal_JackLE indankmemes

9/10 redditors like this post
byu/FabulousDoge514 indankmemes

every time
by indankmemes

Understanable have a great day
byu/AlreadyLeitner indankmemes