The Brief: The #DontLookYourAgeChallenge on Twitter sees internet users sharing photos of themselves along with their age.


Twitter users are putting ageist stereotypes to bed as part of the #DontLookYourAgeChallenge.Β  It is marked by creators sharing a photo of themselves along with their actual age and the associated hashtag.

These posts began spreading on the platform over the last 24 hours and many of them have already accrued thousands of likes. Comments under these posts reveal just how impressed viewers are by another individual’s youthful appearance compared to their time spent on this planet. It literally goes to show, time is a construct and age ain’t nothing but a number.

This user’s youthful face and spirit paired with her age garnered over 16,000 likes.

While many of these posts are serious, some users couldn’t help but have a little fun with the challenge. This user claims to be Lisa from the K-pop group Blackpink. Lisa is 23, by the way.

And, there’s this hilarious post about Mitch McConnell.

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