The Brief: A satirical illustration titled "The Campus Seen Through The Eyes of US Conservatives" has been circulating online and inspiring memes.


On May 11, 2020, memes inspired by an illustration from Current Affairs magazine by artist Chelsea Saunders called “The Campus Seen Through The Eyes of US Conservatives” went viral on Twitter.

The illustration satirizes conservatives’ views of college campuses as excessively-liberal environments where free speech is thwarted. It includes a statue of Mao Zedong, a school mascot called the “Social Justice Warriors,” “pronoun police,” a bar called “Cuck Zone,” Gritty, and other emblems of liberal ideals.

Twitter users have been tagging themselves as different portions of the illustration and creating comedic memes based on it. Without context, some people interpreted the comic to be a political statement made by U.S. conservatives themselves, leading them to ridicule the ideas presented without knowing that the artist’s original intent was to do the same thing. Memes about this drawing caused the phrase “Cuck Zone” to trend on Twiter on May 11th.

The Campus Memes

Most of these memes remark at how this campus actually looks like it’d be loads of fun.

What if we kissed…

The illustration’s resemblance to a Where’s Waldo drawing didn’t go unnoticed by this Twitter user who “found” Waldo in the dining hall.