The Brief:

Check out the best memes to post and LOL at this May with some May-specific memes and throwbacks from the best trends and formats of April. 


Just as April showers bring May flowers, April internet shenanigans bring on hilarious memes for the month of May.

It’s Gonna Be May

Well, it already is May. Nonetheless, it’s a month worthy of celebration!

May The Fourth Be With You

Celebrate Star Wars Day – May 4th – with this classic pun.

Taurus Season

The season of the astrological sign Taurus runs from April 20 to May 21. Learn about Tauruses and what the season of the bull may bring to us all through these spot-on memes.

Soft SZN

Popularized on TikTok, this meme puts a new spin on the softboy stereotype, suggesting that we can benefit from more tenderness this spring.

Avengers: Endgame

The much-anticipated premiere of the final film in the Avengers franchise has inspired many memes. Check out our spoiler-free coverage and explanation of the ludicrous Ant-Man vs. Thanos theory.

Game Of Thrones Season 8

It’s not all about superheroes. The final season of GoT has left fans absolutely shook. Beware, our Arya Stark #NotToday and Bran Stark’s stare memes contain spoilers.

Feeling Cute Challenge

This ubiquitous selfie caption inspired a meme challenge where participants post about their daily activities and professional occupations. Just don’t be like the prison guards who were fired for making cruel, inappropriate jokes via this challenge.

What If We Kissed

This meme combines old-school internet graphics with adolescent emotions for a middle school throwback with a bizarre twist.

I, Too Am Extraordinarily Humble

This Guardians Of The Galaxy meme illustrates just how proud and egotistical people can be.

Surprised Shaq

Why is Shaq surprised? Because he’s eating extremely hot wings, of course!

Police Officer Running Aggressively

This image macro from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs perfectly encapsulates overeagerness to reach one’s destination.