The Brief: Here are StayHipp’s best meme-inspired Halloween costumes for 2020 from "sexy mail carrier" to Karen to Among Us crewmate. 


This year, more so than ever, Halloween costumes are about dressing up and posting pictures to social media than they are about wearing them IRL. As Halloween celebrations are limited and canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, social media remains a safe place to celebrate, and meme Halloween costumes will be more relevant than ever. An added bonus to this change in pace is that you don’t have to worry about trying to explain your costume at a crowded party. Instead, you can explain it in the caption, or leave it for your followers to decipher on their own. 

There are sure to be plenty of Carole Baskins, Joe Exotics, Trump Zombies, and anthropomorphized “Coronavirus” costumes this year, and here are a few more spicy and topical meme-based Halloween costumes to consider for 2020…

1. Plague Doctor

Meme Halloween Costumes 2020

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, plague doctor memes have been on the rise. A plague doctor mask, staff, hat, and cape will make for a simultaneously topical and classic creepy costume. 

2. Mail Carrier

Meme Halloween Costumes 2020
NBC/The Good Place

Support an important public service with a mail carrier costume. The USPS sells kids costumes and pet costumes, or you can assemble a look on your own. As the USPS is losing funding and resources, people declared that “we must sexualize the USPS in order to save it” so a “sexy” USPS-themed costume is sure to deliver some wet a** postage

3. Among Us Crewmate (Or Impostor)


While there aren’t any official “Among Us” costumes for sale, you can make your own with an astronaut helmet and unicolor outfit. This is a great option for a group costume, just watch out for impostors…

4. Karen

What Is Karencore?

Few things are scarier than a Karen who’s determined to speak to the manager. Put a Bump It in your hair (or buy a Karen wig), find some mid-2000s-era sunglasses, add some bedazzled accessories, and a Live Laugh Love T-shirt and you’ll blend in with all the other Karens at the mall.

5. Anonymous

For better or for worse, Anonymous is back. All you need is a Guy Fawkes mask and a hoodie and you’re all set. 

6. Cottagecore


Whether you’re an avid cottagecore fan or a noob to the subculture, embrace the idyllic style with a long flowy dress, picnic basket, and other cottage-adjacent accessories

7. The 12-Foot Skeleton

Giant Skeleton memes
Home Depot

Unfortunately, unless you have stilts, you won’t actually be able to stand at 12-feet tall, but you can still dress up as a skeleton with the 12-foot Halloween decoration in mind. Add a Home Depot apron for extra on-theme flair.

8. Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka TikTok

@WillyWonkaTikTok brought back Willy Wonka with a 2020 twist. Show off your dace moves and give a nod to the Wonka renaissance with a (Johnny Depp) Willy Wonka costume. Or, if you’re a fan of the original movie, a Gene Wilder Wonka costume is always a solid option. 

9. 420Doggface208 – Fleetwood Mac Skateboard Guy

If Spirit Halloween was quicker in their production line, they’d probably stock their shelves with $39.99 “skateboard vibes guy” costumes. As long as the meme isn’t dead by Halloween, grab a skateboard, bottle of cranberry juice, and some good vibes, and you’re all set for an extremely timely and chill costume. 

10. ‘Christian Girl Autumn’

Lean into your basic side with an infinity scarf, big felt hat, leggings, and pair of tall boots, referencing the autumn styles of many influencers and mommy bloggers that have colloquially been named the “Christian girl autumn” look.

Other options for  2020 meme Halloween costumes include Kaitlin Bennett, Claudia Conway, Mark Zuckerberg on his electric surfboard, Peepo, a bruh girl, the CEO of Antifa, a Doomer, and the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head.