The Brief: Memes broke out after Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, when contestant Colton jumped a fence to escape his date.


Colton has left the building. Literally.

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Season 23’s bachelor, Colton Underwood, professed his love to one of the three final contestants, Cassie Randolph. Her reaction was rather surprising, and the episode ending? Absolutely priceless.

In a surprising turn of events, Cassie turned down the “Virgin Bachelor”, claiming to love him, but not be “in love with him” (the diss that nobody ever wants to hear from their boo). It should come as no surprise that the memes and tweets took off from there, many of which captioned Cassie’s regretful expression as she embraced Colton. Like this…

And this…

And also these…

Many of the memes poked fun at the idea that Cassie, a speech pathologist from Southern California, was only using The Bachelor as a means to gain fame and followers on social media. WTF, Cassie?

Things took a turn for the worse, when Colton put on his jacket, walked calmly down the driveway, and promptly jumped over the fence.

Jumping The Fence Memes

This moment had been teased throughout the season’s promos, but nonetheless, #BachelorNation, as well as Bachelor host and producer, Chris Harrison, went bananas.

Even the Dallas Cowboys jumped on the bandwagon.

It didn’t take long for the “Missing” posters to begin circulating after that.

One thing’s for certain – Bachelor fans will celebrate this moment in the show’s history for many seasons to come (especially, in light of an otherwise lackluster season). It seems Colton might have cause for celebration, too.