The Brief: April Fools Day 2020 takes place during a pandemic, causing some people to shy away from the holiday while others continue to share pranks, jokes, and memes.


Should April Fools Day Be Canceled?

As April 1st, 2020 falls during a global pandemic, not everyone feels like celebrating. Google even canceled their annual prank, which is usually a staple in the April Fools prank-o-sphere. Many people called for April Fools Day to be canceled as this pandemic presents such a serious and tragic situation. Others suggested that the day should be canceled because the entirety of 2020 has been a “joke.”

All that considered, everyone has different ways of coping and as long as no one is being harmed or put at risk, it can be ok to have a bit of April Fools Day fun, share memes, and even play a light prank.

Best April Fools Day Memes & Jokes Of 2020

For those who aren’t ready to celebrate this April Fools Day:

Shoutout to all the clowns out there!

Trying to act celebratory during a lockdown or quarantine isn’t easy.

For anyone who’s looking for an excuse to text their ex today:

A relatable April Fools letdown for Animal Crossing players:

Happy April Fools everyone!
byu/6dodgeroses inac_newhorizons

April Fools Pranks

As pranks can sometimes be thinly veiled harassment, they’ve always been a bit iffy. This April Fools Day, some people still managed to find ways to prank each other to pass the time during quarantine, or to just be a jerk and then yell “Apil fools!”

The April Fools Joke I left for my boyfriend
byu/theearthgoddess infunny

On Reddit, prank shenanigans have included subreddits switching places with each other as pictured below with r/HistoryMemes and r/PrequelMemes. For more like this, check out this crowdsourced list of Reddit and internet pranks occurring today.

April Fools got me good
byu/ugginneedsahuggin inPrequelMemes

An honorable mention to one of the greatest pranksters of all time: Jim from The Office.

Note: your kids won’t be happy if you trick them into thinking they’ll have to go to summer school.

The Orlando Airport managed to combine a quick trick and a message about staying at home in this tweet:

A pun-filled toilet paper shortage prank: