Many of these memes rely on a somewhat NSFW premise for their humor.

The Brief: A fan theory about a way for Ant-Man to defeat Thanos by shrinking down and then growing large has inspired a popular meme.


Could Ant-Man save the Marvel universe from Thanos if he shrunk down real small, crawled into Thanos’s rectum, and then grew real big? A fan theory about this very question has been circulating online through memes.


Although this may be something that many people pondered privately, the concept blew up in April 2018 when Twitter user @filmgloss posted a theory that Ant-Man was absent from Infinity War because his ability to crawl up Thanos’s rectum and expand, thus killing him, would have taken away from the plot of the film.


Paul Rudd addressed this in an interview, saying “I don’t know” if it would work and that “One thing we learned from Infinity War is that Thanos could take a lot of punishment.”


The Avengers Endgame trailer indicates that Ant-Man survived Thanos’s infinity stone purge. This reveal has made this meme popular once again with many variations joking about Thanos’s reaction to such an attack by Ant-Man.

Ant-Man And Thanos Memes

Be warned, some of these memes are a bit NSFW as they deal with a somewhat graphic premise.

An Eric Andre “Let Me In” Meme:

Captain Marvel is overrated from r/memes

It’s like Uranus but it’s his from r/dankmemes

*plunger noises* from r/dankmemes

to infinity and beyond from r/dankmemes

Outstanding Move:

Outstanding move from r/dankmemes

Lisa Simpson Presenting:

I’m sorry little one from r/dankmemes

A Press Conference Meme:

This sub right now… from r/dankmemes

Iron buns counterattack from r/memes

Right up the Thanus! from r/memes

A Concerned Tom Cat Meme:

Leaked Thanos image from Endgame from r/memes