The Brief: Elon Musk has unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck, setting the meme world ablaze thanks to its minimalistic design.


Yesterday, Elon Musk revealed the bulletproof Tesla Cybertruck in a demo that went horribly wrong. Luckily, all wasn’t lost as the car’s simplistic design inspired countless Tesla truck memes.

Meme wizards were quick to point out that the low poly design reminded them of older games with outdated graphics:

So much sexier
byu/villagernumber487 indankmemes

Tesla Croft
by inmemes

What can I say
byu/Killjoys13 indankmemes

It really REALLY do be like that
byu/slimjimothy666 indankmemes

I see you, Elon.
byu/thebombchu indankmemes

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug
byu/Hakameet inmemes

The car looks familiar
by indankmemes

my pc sucks
byu/drlqnr indankmemes

Potato PC btw
by indankmemes

You were saying?
byu/RamblerTheGambler inmemes

Cybertruck 2077
byu/Kshandoo ingaming

Other Tesla truck memes speculated about how the Cybertruck was designed, with this one referencing Elon’s epic interview with Joe Rogan:

How it was designed
byu/Correct_Train inmemes

byu/LetsDoTheCongna indankmemes

An I am speed meme featuring the Tesla Cybertruck:

Hope you have big trunk, because im gonna put my bike in it.
byu/qbert13mk indankmemes

Few CEO’s are as in touch with meme culture as Elon Musk, who recently donated $1 million to #TeamTrees, has asked to host PewDiePie’s meme review segment, and even took to Twitter to find the dankest of memes. The meme lords over at the subreddit r/dankmemes suspect that Elon might be trolling the world with this truck design.

He knows what he did
byu/SECTION-VORKUTA indankmemes

we know you did Elon
byu/calebknox inmemes

Poor Elon.
byu/XxSWxX indankmemes

Some people think the design is fire, while others are clowning the Cybertruck for its extreme minimalism:

I would buy one
byu/ifeespifee inmemes

Elon Musk killing it again
byu/drtzw inmemes

Vroom vroom!
byu/qwasd0r indankmemes

thanks, Elon!
byu/RipeHammer inmemes

Reality is often disappointing
byu/SwoleMedic1 indankmemes

Gonna tell my kids this was memes featuring the Tesla Cybertruck:

It’s big brain time
byu/jumbojordie inmemes

Some Redditors expressed their annoyance at constantly seeing Tesla truck, Baby Yoda, and missing sub icon memes on Reddit.

It’s always one of the three
byu/BlurryLlamaNein inmemes

Me waking up to reddit this morning
byu/boddah666 inmemes

Hello it’s us
byu/louis_1267 indankmemes

What just happened?
byu/Mechagodzilla_3 inmemes