The Brief: These memes make fun of the fact that all the memes criticizing Elon Musk's recently unveiled Cybertruck are giving Tesla free advertising.


Elon Musk announced the Tesla Cybertruck last week to widespread ridicule, with memes mocking its simplistic design taking over Reddit. Despite the backlash, Tesla has already received 200,000 orders with no advertising, inspiring a second wave of memes accusing Elon of intentionally making a meme-able product for free marketing while also praising his ingenuity.

We’ve been BAMBOOZLED from dankmemes

There’s a few pixels in here somewhere from memes

Elon pulled what’s called a big brain move, as shown by this expanding brain meme:

Tesla Cybertrick from elonmusk

Elon is kind of right tho from memes

Smart Elon from memes

Elon wants to thank you all for free advertising from dankmemes

An Anime Girl Falling / T-Posing meme expressing Elon’s superior business acumen:

Let’s hit 200k Orders! from elonmusk

Memes are a pathway to many abilities… from memes

We’ve been bamboozled from memes

Marketing 100 from memes

A Cybertruck version of the “I worry about you sometimes Candace” meme format:

It didn’t go through the glass Candace from memes

Other than being a certified meme lord, Elon Musk is also known for making Tesla investors nervous by pulling stunts like smoking weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast, for example.

Reddit: He IS the Messiah! from memes

A How to Train Your Dragon thumbs up meme template:

Love ya elon from elonmusk

Not a hero we needed, but a hero we wanted! from memes

As if Reddit didn’t have enough Elon memes, he made a cameo in the latest episode of Rick and Morty as “Elon Tusk,” adding to suspicions that he may just be the ultimate troll.

Elon Tusk on Rick and Morty from elonmusk

Elon tusk , C.E.O (TUSKLA) from dankmemes

Elon was also invited to play a “special role” in the upcoming film Shrek 5:

This would be very interesting from memes

Unsure what to make of this tbh, but I’m intrigued…

Cumming this fall… from dankmemes