The Brief: Terry the Fat Shark is a recurring meme that shows up on Wednesdays.


Terry the Fat Shark memes first emerged in summer 2019 on Reddit as an image of a large great white shark with the caption “This is Terry the Fat Shark. He hopes you will accept this token of friendship. Terry will return with another gift next Wednesday.”

Oddly specific meme about Terry, the fat shark from oddlyspecific

Following the promise of the meme, on Wednesdays people may post Terry memes with him presenting a different “gift” each time. These are usually represented by emoji or other images from the web. Content related to this friendly shark can be found on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

In May 2020, Terry the Fat Shark started popping up more frequently on Reddit, spreading to the r/memes and r/dankmemes subreddits in the summer. Some memes joked that Terry was trying to sneak back into the meme-o-sphere in disguise or by claiming to be someone else. There is a small subreddit dedicated to Terry memes called r/TerryTheFatShark with over 270 members.

These memes are reminiscent of the “It is Wednesday my dudes” frog image macros in that they show up weekly on Wednesdays and use a friendly animal mascot to celebrate the middle of the week.

Terry + Cybertruck:

Terry + Duolingo Owl:

He needs his keys guys. from dankmemes

As his creator I’m glad to see my son return to the spotlight from dankmemes

he could be any one of us. from dankmemes