The Brief: Teenagers are taking to TikTok to complain about parental surveillance through the Life 360 location tracking app.


In an era where parents have the option of checking to see not only where their children are, but how fast they’re driving and what percentage of battery they have on their phone, it can become much harder for kids to get away with mischief. Life 360 and other similar apps provide parents with the tools to monitor their teenagers’ locations. According to Life 360 memes made by teen TikTokers, this is a major buzzkill, especially given that summer is often a time for parties and other goings-on.

#Life360 Memes

Some Life 360 meme videos on TikTok are more serious than others. While some kids seem to be complaining about how they have limited freedom with the app, others appear to be merely having fun and making memes. Presently, the hashtag #Life360 has received over 15 million views on TikTok.

Many memes reference Life 360’s ability to notify parents when kids are speeding.

Some videos provide how-to instructions on setting the app to look like you’re at home while you sneak out. However, these methods may be faulty. Why couldn’t a kid say, leave their phone at home while they sneak out? Probably because of how dependent people have become on mobile devices…

This kid accuses Life 360’s creator of being a “snitch.”

Life Without 360:

A Tune Dodel Vide Vide meme:

A Thanos/Kanye West mashup meme:

An unexpected positive of the app: