The Brief: Most memes featuring The Soldier, one of nine character classes from the video game, Team Fortress 2, mock the character for his inability to do anything except fight.


In Team Fortress 2, the Soldier comes ready to do damage with his rocket launcher. In addition to ammunition, this dad bod brute is capable of reaching great heights by jumping while firing a rocket at the ground.

According to TS2 stans, the Soldier class has proved to be one of the less effective character classes in the game. They tend to require the Medic’s help far too often.

I love these pyros
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While the Soldier doesn’t seem to be as meme-worthy as some of his fellow compatriots, memes roasting the Soldier tend to feature his obnoxiously oversized helmet

The meme’s probably dead, but I still wanted to make this awful remake.
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Introducing SOCIALLY AWKWARD SOLDIER [Xpost r/TF2 by request]
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