The Brief: A Twitter meme shares "today's tea" in a teacup made out of keyboard symbols.


Today’s Tea

On Twitter, people have been spilling the tea by adding text into a steaming cup of tea made out of parentheses, slashes, and dashes. Using this Twitter tea meme format, people can share the proverbial tea in an extra-creative way that stands out in a Twitter feed. The tea being spilled includes controversial opinions, callouts, confessions, jokes, and more. Presumably, people are copying and pasting the teacup from other Tweets and then editing it to fit their own text inside. Twitter’s character-limit, along with the number of spaces and symbols required to make the teacup mean that these Tweets contain only a few words.

This Twitter teacup meme takes the popular concept of spilling, drinking, sipping, or serving tea, and combines it with an image made out of text symbols, which is also popular in memes such as the who gon check me boo format.

Twitter Teacup Memes

Individual users, as well as brands, have utilized this meme to share their own hot takes on a variety of topics. And, of course, some people have taken the opportunity to make meta-memes out of this, posting about actual tea, the drink, rather than metaphorical “tea.”

The invitation to share “hot takes” through this meme has also inspired a number of political memes