The Brief: This meme format pairs the character Te Kā from the movie Moana with the statue Homunculus Loxodontus (Zhdun) to represent two people in very different moods.


Te Kā vs. Zhdun memes combine images of two non-human beings to contrast different reactions and expressions.

Te Kā is a lava monster in the movie Moana who has transformed from the benevolent goddess Te Fiti to a vengeful and firey demon. Zhdun is a nickname for a sculpture by Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort titled “Homunculus Loxodontusa.” Zhdun is also known by names including Snorp, Wosh, and “the one who waits.” Images of the strange, grey, chubby, elephant seal-like sculpture have circulated online in memes that first rose to popularity in Russia.

Reminiscent of woman yelling at a cat and Charlie Kelly explaining to a seal memes, these Te Kā vs. Zhdun image macros represent scenes where one person is very fired up and the other is very calm. Variations of this meme format started appearing on popular Reddit meme communities in late November 2020.

Don’t whack me mom I’m a wizard
byu/winkysocks21 inmemes

You can’t fool me!
byu/notkhaos inmemes

Not much to say
byu/CaesarWalinguini indankmemes