The Brief: Appreciate Taylor Swift in all her glory with these Swiftie-approved memes.


The legendary pop star Taylor Swift has a powerful and devoted fandom. Thanks to Swifties, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of memes about Taylor and what it’s like to stan her. Here are some of the best Taylor Swift memes that cover everything from her public feuds to her cats to the agony of waiting for another album to drop. Swifties have created so many memes, so much fan-art, and such a big online community that this is nowhere near an exhaustive list, but a mere glimpse at the content she’s inspired. Whether you’re a fan of the old Taylor, the new Taylor, or all of the above, there’s something in these memes for everyone!

Trying to explain your love to a non-Swiftie:

Nobody tell her to calm down!


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An all-too-common quarantine mood:

Darling, everything’s on fire…

A Bill Clinton album challenge meme:

A 10/10 TikTok duet troll:

Love Story/ Mr Brightside mashup found on tiktok
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