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The best memes showcasing American taxpayers' excitement, frustration, and ultimate dread at filing taxes this April 15th.  


Everybody’s favorite “holiday” is upon us. This Monday, April 15th is Tax Day, the deadline for U.S. residents to submit their annual income tax returns to the IRS.

Tax Day marks the culmination of Tax Season. Between January 1st and April 15th every year, Americans face simultaneous dread and excitement of filing their taxes for a possible paper return.

These memes represent the range of emotions that plague us as we face the looming Tax Day.

With the exception of the occasional person who actually looks forward to paying their taxes…

Most taxpayers avoid Tax Season like the plague.

Filing taxes takes time, stress, and often, money. A good portion of Americans tend to put off filing their tax return as long as possible.

In fact, in a 2015 report from FiveThirtyEight, 21.5 million Americans waited until the final week before the Tax Day deadline to submit their returns.

Another issue is that the way we pay taxes is constantly changing which makes understanding the process next to impossible.

Some people choose to hire a tax preparer to handle their returns while others access popular sites like TurboTax or Free Tax USA.

A constant complaint amongst Americans is the lack of educational resources when it comes to learning how to file taxes.

Some taxpayers are just salty about the concept altogether.

The most common question when it comes to the “Tax Theft” argument tends to be, “Where does our money go?” This week, scientists found the answer.

Preparing to file taxes is a job in itself…

Not to mention figuring out what forms are necessary for filing – talk about confusing AF.

Then there’s the challenge of determining what qualifies as business or personal expenses, because let’s face it, the more write-offs, the better.

The new Trump Tax Bill left many people with a lot of questions about what they could and could not write off this 2019 Tax Season.

While the old tax code allowed for taxpayers to claim personal exemptions, the new bill all but eliminated that section.

The stress doesn’t stop there. Turns out American taxpayers have a boatload of questions about the tax code, especially when it comes to DTR.

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Once taxes are filed, there’s still a sense of impending doom for many taxpayers…

Hope you saved your receipts.

If you are lucky enough to receive a refund from the state or federal government, get ready to wait…

And wait…

And wait some more.

Until finally, that check finally arrives. Yee!

Some people receive a big refund and choose to celebrate in style…

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Big mood.

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While others make that green last.

It’s the small victories that really matter.

Refund or not, Tax Day only comes around once a year. So until 2020…